Month: March 2016

Product Management

Why Isn’t Agile Working For Me – Part 4 – What to Do When Agile Isn’t Working

This is the fourth (and possibly final!) installment of my series of posts discussing why Agile may not be working for you or your organization.  Part One focused on the role of culture and training; Part Two focused on the importance of continual improvement and evangelism; and Part Three focused on lack of knowledge, lack of commitment, […]

Product Management

When “Bias Toward Action” Goes Wrong

If you’ve been on the job market in the past several years, you’ve undoubtedly come across the phrase “bias toward action” in one or more job descriptions or company overviews, or even during a call with a recruiter.  It’s become something of a buzzword, and in the way that many buzzwords do, has a meaninglessness […]

Product Management

Which is better – Kanban or Scrum?

A very common topic of discussion amongst Product Managers in general, and Agile practitioners in particular, involves the comparison of different forms of process and project management.  By far the most prominent and popular of these are Kanban and Scrum.  And, much to my own personal dismay, often these discussions wind up devolving into some […]

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