Month: June 2016

Product Management

What Does an Agile Culture Look Like?

A common question posed to Product Managers in organizations interested in or transitioning into Agile is, “How do we know that we’re Agile?”  Because agility is a cultural value, there’s no pre-determined checklist of things that one can step through and certify your company as 100% Organic Agile.  There are, however, indicators that we look at to […]

Product Management

Just Because You’re Delighted by Your Product Doesn’t Mean Your Users Are!

There are a lot of potential pitfalls that threaten our success as Product Manager — but by far the worst, in my opinion, is falling too much in love with your own ideas, whether those are problems, solutions, or even assumptions about the market and our customers.  While I think they take it a bit […]

Product Management

PM 101 – Working With Marketing

We’ve already touched on the importance of working with Designers and Sales — and UserVoice gave me an opportunity to discuss working with Engineers — so today we’re going to continue the logical progression of teams that a Product Manager must have good relationships with by talking about the proper care and feeding of your Marketing teams.  Product […]

Product Management

What to Do When It’s All Falling Apart

As Product Managers, we’re often right on the front lines when things start to go sideways — when the demo fails in the middle of a big customer presentation, when the Ops team can’t deploy the “fully-tested” and “ready for production” release, or when your customer acquisition and retention numbers start to dip.  But rarely […]

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