Month: January 2017

Product Management

PM 101 – Working With Service Teams

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of my “PM 101” articles, so I figured with 2017 just kicking off now is as good a time as ever!  Past articles have focused on marketing, sales, and design teams, but this time I want to focus on service teams.  These types of teams are your integration specialists, […]

Product Management

The Challenges of Predicting Future Behavior

One of the ongoing challenges that we face as Product Managers is that we’re primarily charged with predicting customer and user behavior.  We’re constantly asked to come up with new ideas, new features, and new designs that we “know” will delight our users, or at the very least satisfy them.  But the fact is, predicting human […]

Product Management

Five New Resolutions for PMs in 2017

A couple years ago, shortly after I launched the blog, I posted my first New Year’s Resolutions for Product Managers, which was a big hit.  Somehow it slipped my mind to update it for 2016, but here I am with an update as we roll into the new year…one as full of uncertainties as it […]

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