Month: March 2017

Product Management

An Updated Product Management Reading List

Back in 2015,  after about a year into my work on this blog, I put together a reading list that encompassed the fundamental books that I thought every Product Manager should read — and I still stand by the list: A Product Management Reading List.  But, that was almost two years ago and a lot of […]

Product Management

Measure What Matters

Many people are aware of the famous quote from Peter Drucker, “What gets measured, gets managed.”  But what people don’t often consider is that what’s being measured and managed might actually not matter at all at the end of the day.  When we measure things that don’t actually drive us to improve, we’re just acting like a […]

Product Management

When is an MVP *not* an MVP?

For a term that’s so well-established in our profession and so widely used, it always surprises me when people abuse and misuse the concept of Minimum Viable Product (or “MVP”).  It seems like such a fundamentally simple and clear concept, but often in practice it gets all wrapped up around the axles of internal struggles, until […]

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