Month: June 2015

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Common Dysfunctions of “Scrum” Teams — Part 2

In the first part of this series, I talked about how many teams who try to transform into “Agile” teams fail because they don’t actually understand what being “agile” is all about, or because they try to cut corners by not fully embracing (at the outset, at least) the fundamental requirements of the methodology that they have […]

Agile Development Product Management

Common Dysfunctions of “Scrum” Teams — Part 1

I started this out as a single post, but it’s become far too unwieldy for a single day.  Thus, I’m breaking this up into two segments — one focusing on missing the point, the other on finer mistakes that sink potentially “good” teams moving into Agile processes.  It’s still one of my longest posts here, […]

Product Management

Yes, You Really ARE That Good!

One of the aspects of Product Management that can be really hard for people to internalize and adjust to is just how thankless the job can be at times.  When things are going badly, the Product Manager is almost always the first person to shoulder the blame — your requirements weren’t clear, the strategy wasn’t […]

Product Management

How Amazon’s Fire Phone Proves Their “Customers First” Rule

This is a post that I originally published last month in coordination with my friend Molly Lindblom, principal strategy consultant at Business Transformations.  I hope you find it just as interesting as her readers did… is pretty much world-famous for their customer-centric approach.  Product Managers who want to build something new are supposed to start […]

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No One Cares About Your Product’s Features!

I invited several of my friends in the product management, marketing, and strategic consulting fields to provide a little guest content to mix things up here on the Clever PM blog.  Today’s installment comes from my long-time friend and current growth hacking specialist Jason Pedwell, who blogs on his own website,  He’s here today […]

Product Management

Don’t Believe Your Own Hype

There’s always a ton of hype that we create surrounding our products.  Sales positions the product as the best option for prospects and existing customers; marketing spins our features and benefits so that we sound like the best thing since sliced bread; and our CEOs and internal cheerleaders are constantly optimistic about the future, the […]

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