Month: May 2017

Product Management

Manage to Data, Not Guesswork

There are a great many different corporate cultures to be found in the world, but one consistency among far too many of them is decision-making processes that rely more on gut-level instinct and whomever yells the loudest rather than on hard data.  For some companies, this has served the CEO well — a small, nimble […]

Product Management

10 Questions: Paul Jackson

It’s time for the next installment of my ongoing series of “Ten Questions” for thought-leaders and colleagues from the Product Management world!  This month I’ve reached out to Paul Jackson, a longtime Product Manager from the UK who showed up on my radar a few years ago when he started to feature some of my posts […]

Product Management

A Product Manager’s Guide to Technical Debt

There’s always a fine balance to be found between making sure that your product is as buttoned-up as possible when it ships and the small (sometimes large) sacrifices that we have to ask our technical teams to make in order to just get the damn thing out the door. Within this gap lies the dreaded […]

Product Management

Don’t Reward Behavior You Don’t Want!

One of the more common challenges that growing companies face is balancing the needs and goals of the company with the needs and goals of its employees.  And, unfortunately, all too often decisions are made with a business perspective that don’t take into account the potential effects on the personnel side of the equation.  The […]

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