Month: August 2017

Product Management

Constructive Conflict

There are a great many company cultures in the world that go out of their way to avoid conflict of any kind.  And, while the intent is good — nobody wants to work in a combative workplace — the common practice of lumping all conflict together into a single bucket and trying to toss it […]

Product Management

10 Questions: Jay Stansell of the Product Coalition

At some point in my meanderings online, I heard tell of a Slack channel that had been set up for Product Managers to engage with each other and discuss topics of concern to those in the profession.  And, being the Clever PM that I am, I had no choice but to check it out — […]

Product Management

Silence is a Tool — Use it Effectively!

While Product Managers have a great many tools in their belt to use when working internally with stakeholders or externally with customers, there’s one tool that seems to elude so many of us.  That tool is silence.  When you’re talking with someone and trying to get them to say what’s really on their mind, what’s […]

Product Management

Agile Transitions – Managing Expectations

We live in a day and age where there’s a ton of information and mis-information out there about pretty much every topic imaginable, and Agile development is certainly not immune to this phenomenon.  In fact, anyone who looks for help in pushing through an Agile transformation in their organization is immediately confronted with a vast […]

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