Month: June 2018

Product Management

Running Too Lean Can be More Harmful than Helpful

Most companies out there put a huge push on efficiency and running “lean” — doing the most possible with the least amount of overhead.  And in most cases, that’s a very noble goal — after all, overhead in the form of people and positions is generally the highest cost that companies face. Reducing the number […]

Product Management

User Stories Aren’t Enough

It’s commonly accepted nowadays that we use user stories or some variation on them to communicate our “product requirements” to development teams (job stories, jobs to be done, scenarios, etc).  And while this is certainly an improvement over some of the bad, old Big Up-Front Requirements (BUFR) methods that were used many moons ago, they’re […]

Product Management

Assumptions, Risks, and Constraints – The Keys to Success

One of the most important parts of being a Product Manager is making sure that your stakeholders and developers understand not only what you’re trying to do, but the surrounding circumstances in which you’re trying to do it.  Often, this is a matter of discussing and managing scope; at other times, it’s making sure that people […]

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