Month: September 2018

Product Management

Certifications — Are They Worth It?

I’ll be attending my second formal training this year, getting my Certified Scrum Master certification to match the Certified Product Manager certification that I picked up earlier this year.  After 15 years in the business, you might wonder why I’m just now getting around to being “certified”, and I hate to say it but the […]

Product Management

“Agile” is More Than a Buzzword: Continuous Improvement

There’s more to being Agile than just blindly following the rules and processes of any specific methodology.  One of the core components of effective Agile practice is internalizing the concept of continuous improvement.  As I’ve touched on in other articles, Agile is a direct descendant of the concepts originating in the lean manufacturing movements of […]

Product Management

10 Questions with Stephen Cognetta

One of the best things about my blog and other activities is to meet new and interesting people in the Product Management community.  Today I’m happy to present the latest in my 10 Questions series, featuring none other than Stephen Cognetta.  His latest project is an ambitious online Product Management interview course that was launched […]

Product Management

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Product Backlog

One of the least glamorous parts of Agile development for most Product Managers is the process of backlog grooming.  It can be a challenge to get teams to engage when they’re in the middle of a sprint, it can be difficult to convince stakeholders to refer to the backlog instead of the Product Manager for […]

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