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Product Management

PM 101 – Working With Sales

Of all of the teams that Product Managers must deal with on a regular basis, I really can’t think of any that have a worse reputation amongst our kin than Sales teams.  Common tropes that I hear when talking about Sales teams with other Product Managers include things like “they don’t understand the product” or “they […]

Product Management

Becoming a HiPPO Hunter

This is the second in an ongoing series of blog posts originally published on the UserVoice Product Management blog. There’s no Product Manager alive who hasn’t spent time dreading a HiPPO attack; the sudden derailing of well-laid plans by a management or executive-level stakeholder who insisted that their direction was the right one simply because it was […]

Product Management

Solving the Mystery of Latent Customer Needs

The single most powerful tool that Product Managers have to make products that amaze and delight their users is to figure out what problems their customers have that they don’t even realize are causing them pain.  Most people didn’t understand the benefits of 1,000 songs in their pocket when Apple first introduced the iPod back in […]

Product Management

Yes, You Really ARE That Good!

One of the aspects of Product Management that can be really hard for people to internalize and adjust to is just how thankless the job can be at times.  When things are going badly, the Product Manager is almost always the first person to shoulder the blame — your requirements weren’t clear, the strategy wasn’t […]

Product Management

Improving Your Relationship With Sales & Marketing

The relationship between Product Management and the Sales and Marketing teams in some companies can be unnecessarily strained.  Often, this shows itself in such counter-productive behaviors as sales reps making promises to prospects or renewing clients based on their own interpretation of the roadmap, or the marketing teams creating collateral that materially misstates the capabilities […]

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