Month: February 2016

Product Management

Why Isn’t Agile Working for Me? – Part 3

This is the third in a series of posts discussing the various reasons why Agile transitions tend to run into roadblocks or fail completely.  In the first post, we looked at some fundamental considerations that often wind up causing problems for teams wanting to make the change to Agile practices.  In the second, we discussed the […]

Product Management

Leading Through Influence — Managing Up

When we say that Product Managers “lead through influence,” most people think of building rapport with the execution teams to ensure that you have the personal and professional leverage required to get them to do something without challenging things for their own reasons.  But that’s really only a small piece of the overall leadership puzzle, and […]

Product Management

When the Chips Are Down, Our Values Show Through

There comes a time in every Product Manager’s life when they face adversity and challenges above and beyond the day-to-day administrivia that we struggle with every day.  And it’s in these moments, at these times, that we find out what we really believe in, and what we’re really willing to do to stand our ground […]

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