The Clever PM is Going on Hiatus…

The Clever PM is Going on Hiatus…

It’s been four years since I started the Clever PM blog, mostly as a way to keep up my skills during a downturn in my career.  I never imagined that this blog would reach thousands of people a week, that my newsletter would exceed industry standard open rates every single month, or that my Twitter account would have over a thousand followers.  The past few years have been fun, and there’s been a lot that I’ve received from having this presence online — both in real opportunities as well as personal growth.

But, there’s a time and a place for everything, and for The Clever PM it’s time for me to step to the side and allow the blog to evolve into something new.  Everyone reading this post has my thanks and gratitude for making my site one of the most popular sources of information on Product Management and Agile cultures, and hope you’ll stick around when the site is relaunched, even though it will be under new management.

It’s hard to step away from something that’s been such a key part of my life for over four years, but I’m looking forward to what the site, newsletter, and social media presence can become under someone else’s expert guidance.

This isn’t goodbye, but it is until we meet again.

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