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Prioritization is More Art Than Science

A very common challenge faced by Product Managers of all experience levels is understanding and implementing some form of repeatable process around prioritization.  Some people take a very light approach, making decisions based on their own experience, data, and beliefs about the direction of the product.  Others take a much more rigorous approach, applying scorecards […]

Product Management

How to Get Organizational Alignment with your Product Roadmap

This is the third in an ongoing series of blog posts originally published on the UserVoice Product Management blog. One of the constant tensions that product managers around the world deal with on a regular basis is creating product roadmaps that align with the expectations and needs of all of their stakeholders – particularly the management or […]

Product Management

Agile Roadmapping is NOT a Contradiction!

Many companies struggle with the challenges of reconciling the need for strategic planning and the desire to execute in an “agile” or Agile fashion.  Generally speaking, this is because they’re stuck with the perspective that a “roadmap” must be a set of promises regarding what’s to be delivered, and not merely a strategy that will and must change over […]

Product Management

Creating an Effective But Agile Product “Roadmap”

As companies transition from traditional, more waterfall-oriented approaches to their products, they often struggle with understanding how agile practices fundamentally change the ways in which they need to plan and develop their product roadmaps, both for internal use as well as for discussion with key customers and market prospects.  The old-school method of assigning specific […]

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Death By Gantt Chart

We’ve all been there — we’re talking about our upcoming projects, discussing possible timelines and resource allocations, working to align our tactical work with the company and product strategy, when it hits you like a brick thrown through your living room window in the middle of the latest Game of Thrones episode: So, where’s the […]

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