Month: May 2018

Product Management

That Which is Urgent is Not Always Important

We’ve all been there — that sudden call from one of your Sales team with a customer “on the hook” but they only need this one more thing to close the deal.  Or maybe it’s an escalated issue from your biggest customer that lands in your mailbox with gigantic ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!  Or worse […]

Product Management

How to Be a More Agile Product Manager

Due to the unique role that Product Managers play in most organizations, we’re often capable of being the strongest influences on the overall culture of the product development organization and of the company in general.  And while there are many companies out there who are truly only interested in giving lip service to the concept […]

Product Management

“Product” is More Than Just Development

It’s far too common in the world of Product Management for us to wind up being narrowly focused on the actual product development cycle – define, build, measure, repeat.  But there’s far more to building, launching, and maintaining a successful product than just what goes on between Product Management and Development.  The best and most […]

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