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10 Questions: Rich Mironov

For the second installment of my “10 Questions With…” I reached out to one of my mentors in the PM/Consulting space, Rich Mironov.  I met Rich many years ago at ProductCamp Seattle, where he was giving a presentation about the struggles and challenges of the role that really spoke deeply to me and where I […]

Product Management

Five Common Myths About “Iteration”

Everyone in tech has seen the word, repeated ad nauseum as the “silver bullet” for everything from go-to-market timing to quality to product discovery.  But like many terms bandied about by those both within and on the periphery of Product Management, the term “iteration” often comes with connotations or meanings attached to it that aren’t really […]

Product Management

An Updated Product Management Reading List

Back in 2015,  after about a year into my work on this blog, I put together a reading list that encompassed the fundamental books that I thought every Product Manager should read — and I still stand by the list: A Product Management Reading List.  But, that was almost two years ago and a lot of […]

Product Management

The Challenges of Predicting Future Behavior

One of the ongoing challenges that we face as Product Managers is that we’re primarily charged with predicting customer and user behavior.  We’re constantly asked to come up with new ideas, new features, and new designs that we “know” will delight our users, or at the very least satisfy them.  But the fact is, predicting human […]

Product Management

What Makes a Great Product Manager?

Due to the vagaries of how different companies and industries define the role of Product Manager, it’s often a struggle to determine what skills and abilities one must have in order to separate themselves from the crowd.  But while the roles may differ, I’m a strong believer that there is a core set of capabilities […]

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