Month: April 2015

Product Management

In Defense of Estimates

In the beginning of the year, the #noestimates movement gained some attention and traction in the software development world.  It’s an interesting position, with some strong arguments in its favor — but personally I find it to be entirely development-focused and that it ignores the business and customer realities that we as Product Managers must wrangle […]

Product Management

Common Company Dysfunctions — And How to Combat Them

Throughout my many years as a Product Manager, and through many conversations with fellow Product Managers, I’ve come to notice certain patterns of dysfunction emerge within companies that make everyone’s job harder.  Many of these dysfunctions exist due to cultural patterns within the company, and are things that have developed over time — often they […]

Product Management

Scope is King – The Fallacy of the “Pyramids”

There’s not a Product Manager alive who hasn’t seen the traditional project management pyramids or triangles — it’s a very common trope of the business, focusing on Time, Scope, and Resources as the “pivot points” for hitting deadlines, or the common line of “Good, Fast, or Cheap — pick two.” The simple fact is, in nearly […]

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