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Overcoming Objections to Iterative Development

One of the common challenges that Product Managers have in advocating for more agile product definition and development practices is a rather ironic one — those in power and authority often feel that iteration “doesn’t work” because they feel that once something is “done” it won’t ever be revisited.   The irony here is that it’s […]

Agile Development

The Three Forms of Waste – Muda, Mura, and Muri

With Agile development and Lean practices so popular nowadays, sometimes the history behind these practices and philosophies is overlooked or skipped over entirely.  Unfortunately, when people miss the underpinnings upon which these concepts are based, they also tend to distort and remake those principles into something that only barely resembles the original concepts behind them. […]

Product Management

Know What You Don’t Know

A common perception of Product Managers within organizations is that we’re somewhat of a “know-it-all” — which is not always the most productive position from which to do our jobs.  Some of this perception is earned — simply a function of the broad base of knowledge, influence, and direction that we are so often assigned.  […]

Product Management

Common Company Dysfunctions — And How to Combat Them

Throughout my many years as a Product Manager, and through many conversations with fellow Product Managers, I’ve come to notice certain patterns of dysfunction emerge within companies that make everyone’s job harder.  Many of these dysfunctions exist due to cultural patterns within the company, and are things that have developed over time — often they […]

Product Management

Tending Gardens & Herding Cats: Maintaining a Healthy Rapport with Your Development Teams

Several times in my career, I’ve joked to someone or another that my next job title will be “Senior Cat Herder” rather than “Senior Product Manager” — and for good reason.  Cats, for all of their cuddly cuteness, are independent problem solvers, much like most of the better developers that I’ve worked with. Add to […]

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