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Death By Gantt Chart

We’ve all been there — we’re talking about our upcoming projects, discussing possible timelines and resource allocations, working to align our tactical work with the company and product strategy, when it hits you like a brick thrown through your living room window in the middle of the latest Game of Thrones episode: So, where’s the […]

Product Management

Scope is King – The Fallacy of the “Pyramids”

There’s not a Product Manager alive who hasn’t seen the traditional project management pyramids or triangles — it’s a very common trope of the business, focusing on Time, Scope, and Resources as the “pivot points” for hitting deadlines, or the common line of “Good, Fast, or Cheap — pick two.” The simple fact is, in nearly […]

Agile Development

Breaking Down the Agile Manifesto — Collaboration & Responding to Change

Earlier this week, I discussed the common misunderstandings related to the first two statements made in the Agile Manifesto — Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools, and Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation.  In that discussion, I focused on how important it is to remember that the Agile Manifesto itself was written largely in response […]

Agile Development

“Agile” Does Not Mean “Without a Plan”

A very common, and very dangerous misconception about Agile development — whether you’re using Kanban, Scrum, XP, DevOps, or any other flavor of the week — is that it “requires” or “expects” that you can operate quickly, efficiently, and effectively without necessarily having an overall strategic plan. Bullshit. There certainly are teams and companies who […]

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