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Product Management

PM 101 – Working With Designers

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of PM 101 posts, wherein I focus on some fundamentals of Product Management.  For this first article, I’ve chosen a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, as well as one that’s been raised several times during my teaching sessions at General Assembly […]

Product Management

Which is better – Kanban or Scrum?

A very common topic of discussion amongst Product Managers in general, and Agile practitioners in particular, involves the comparison of different forms of process and project management.  By far the most prominent and popular of these are Kanban and Scrum.  And, much to my own personal dismay, often these discussions wind up devolving into some […]

Product Management

Leading Through Influence — Managing Up

When we say that Product Managers “lead through influence,” most people think of building rapport with the execution teams to ensure that you have the personal and professional leverage required to get them to do something without challenging things for their own reasons.  But that’s really only a small piece of the overall leadership puzzle, and […]

Product Management

Understanding the Difference Between Product Managers and Product Owners

I’ve noticed a decent amount of discussion lately on LinkedIn and other areas regarding the difference between Product Owners and Product Managers when it comes to Agile development practices.  The confusion largely stems from the fact that textbook Scrum has a very specific definition of the Product Owner role, but has nothing at all to say […]

Product Management

The “Power Trio” – Balancing Market, Product, and Technical Needs

One of the biggest challenges facing nearly every Product Manager is the lack of a clearly-defined role in the organization.  Even in companies that have “rigorous” organizational structures, the Product Manager often becomes everything to everyone – the hub around which all the other business processes operate.  And for the most part, this isn’t necessarily […]

Agile Development Product Management

Common Dysfunctions of “Scrum” Teams — Part 1

I started this out as a single post, but it’s become far too unwieldy for a single day.  Thus, I’m breaking this up into two segments — one focusing on missing the point, the other on finer mistakes that sink potentially “good” teams moving into Agile processes.  It’s still one of my longest posts here, […]

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